Fees can vary greatly in TMD cases. Fees are commensurate based on time involved, effort, complexity, detail, and patient limitations. Some people require move visits than others. Some require longer appointments due to a variety of different factors. Some ask a lot of in-depth questions and want detailed answers (requiring a lot more time to discuss and explain) or require lengthy written communication or repeat follow-up or explanations. Overall, many cases are typically very complicated in nature and require a lot of time and focus to address and resolve their issues.
If treatment requires a multi-phase approach, Phase II can pose additional challenges. Treatment options for Phase II can vary and costs will highly depend on patient choice, various treatment modalities, and time needed to complete all treatment. Depending on where the patient is free of symptoms, stable, and at Optimal Physiologic Position, the treatment options may include orthodontics in order to transition to the final optimized position, while others may require restorative restorations including full mouth rehabilitation. Others may need a combination of multiple treatment modalities in order to control and maintain the ideal bite. In addition, some TMD patients are missing some teeth, or have had previous surgeries, or various forms of joint derangement problems, locked joints, discs that have not been recaptured, medication dependance, all making their problems much more complicated than those who do not have these additional challenges. Some patients are clenchers, have postural problems or have CNS issues, and all these take more time. No case is ever the same.