Research estimates that over half of the population experiences some signs and symptoms of TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder). Many of the patients left untreated have continuing underlying pathology that decreases the qualify of their lives. Typical signs and symptoms of TMD include:

  • TMJ pain
  • Recurring shoulder, next, or back pain or tension
  • Ringing in ear(s)
  • Pain or headaches
  • Migraines
  • Pain or tension in facial muscles
  • Clicking in jaw joint (or grinding sounds)


Are you currently suffering with Temporo-Mandibular Disorder (TMD)? Have you “tried everything”, including various therapies and medications, and nothing has worked? Meet the Jaw Whisperer.


Most people who suffer with TMD related symptoms have tried many ways to relieve their pain and the majority of them have failed. Most therapies today do not treat the cause, and focus only on temporary relief of symptoms.


Your story matters. Your symptoms, signs, length of time, and history all play a part in a correct diagnosis. You may have tried “everything” but dentists, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and therapists all have one thing in common: they don’t know what they don’t know. Being your own advocate and continuing on your journey to find a solution is key. And it all starts with understanding your own unique situation.


Despite her knowledge, experience, and skill, Dr. Agatha Bis relies on technology to measure, confirm, and fine-tune all her treatment choices. Our patients not only get better faster, they can correlate their symptoms to the measurements and readings taken at each appointment.

Technology to Achieve Complete Results

  • Once a patient is totally stable and comfortable, we use technology to fine-tune, refine, and reach optimal results. There is nothing better than confirming comfort and stability with precision and accuracy.

Feel the Difference

Eliminating pain and treating the root cause of your TMD requires a precise and measured approach


Dr. Bis’ approach to treating each of her patients is one of attaining an optimal result. Her systematic, and methodical manner, as well as her attention to detail results in her success when it comes to treating TMJ and chronic pain patients. Dr. Bis recognizes that proper jaw posture as it relates to the cranium is a must in resolution of muscle and joint pain, and that the teeth play a critical role in defining surrounding musculature, ligaments, and joints. A healthy balance and position of these structures is crucial for optimal function, stability and comfort.
In order to effectively diagnose and treat TMD, Dr. Bis uses scientific measuring technology to help her accurately measure and capture her patient’s specific jaw position and how it relates to the masticatory muscle system in order to establish the ideal physiologic position before any treatment is rendered.

Since few clinicians actually measure their patients’ muscle activity and/or physiologic jaw position, decisions are made and treatment is rendered without consideration to the significant changes to physiology and muscle dynamics of their patients. As a result, many of our patients come to us after suffering in pain for many years, often as a result of past dental work that did not take the bite into consideration.

The key to any successful treatment is precision.  Consistent predictable results is what allows patients to experience the long over-due relief from their agonizing pain.  A thorough diagnosis takes the time to methodically address each area of the diagnostic work up in order to gain optimal results in the shortest recovery time possible.


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